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Kari and Her Style

Kari Mirabal is an international networking speaker and coach who helps large corporations, universities, and even small businesses learn how to “Network SMARTER.”

She is a well-traveled public speaker and one of the most compelling figures who speaks about business networking on the market. Kari shares her insights and commentary with others through keynote presentations, corporate workshops and personal coaching. As a networking speaker, Kari has been engaged by some of the largest companies in the world to help inspire, teach, and empower individuals to reach both personal and professional goals.

With her signature humor, bold approach, and unmistakable gumption, Mirabal keeps audiences engaged and encourages people to think differently. With decades of professional networking experience, this former IT recruiter shares her many successes – and failures – to give audiences a new perspective on taking risks, connection innovations, and the power of positive thinking.

Mirabal is a member of the NSA (National Speaker Association) and has years of experience speaking at events of all sizes in a myriad of industries. For audiences that are brave enough to accept the challenge, Kari gives them actionable tactics to employ in their daily life.

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Speaking with Authority

Having an authoritative stage presence has been developed over years of audience experience and a variety of training consultations. In 2018, Kari was able to illustrate these skills yet again for a TEDx audience. She closed the event with one of her most passionate topics: Career Dating: What Career Search and Your Love Life Have in Common

Kari and Her Audiences

Meeting planners and organizers are consistently surprised by how long Kari stays after her sessions to engage with audiences and answer their questions about networking and career development. Kari believes that answering questions and providing guidance for audiences is part of her job, and is part of her passion.


Trusted Audiences

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