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Then prove it.

Making a career out of something you are passionate about doesn’t have to be a dream. Numerous studies have shown that happy people tend to earn higher salaries – and it stands to reason that these high-earners are happy – at least in part – because they have careers they enjoy!  Whether you want to admit it or not, your career plays a role in your overall happiness and it’s up to you to ensure you are making the most of every opportunity. Reignite your career passion within the job you already have or partner with us to take advantage of our career coaching programs and explore new opportunities ahead.


Why Invest in Career Coaching?

A recent study from the International Coach Federation Global highlights just what can come from hiring a career coach. Whether your looking for a new role, or looking to hire a coach to help your staff network effectively, the benefits are obvious.

Companies that recouped investment from career coaching positive ROI

Career Coaching For Every Situation

Launch Program

2 coaching sessions – 45 Minutes
Resume edit/creation
Cover letter template
LinkedIn profile edit/creation


Ambassador Program

8 coaching sessions – 60 Minutes
Myers Briggs assessment
LinkedIn navigation strategies
Personal branding and marketing tools
Interview strategies and mock Interviews
Salary negotiation strategies
Continued QA support throughout program

Premiere Program

12 coaching sessions – 60 Minutes
Job interview prep and follow up coaching
Customized networking strategy for your target audience
Social media marketing strategy consultations
Blog edits and idea generation
Session freeze option (use as you need consultation credit)


What Do Clients Say?

Tia Juby

After listening to Kari speak and having a conversation with her, I took her advice on writing out your stories. In fact, I went overboard and listed out a story example for every bullet point on the description. I went in and commanded the interview with the mentality that the job was already mine. Within two weeks, I had a job offer that had everything I was looking for in it. Her advice both on interviewing and dealing with recruiters was extremely beneficial and she is absolutely correct in both things. Follow her advice and I promise, your chances of finding a job increase by 100%! Thank you so much Kari!

Ina Agnew

It sounds counterintuitive, but the best time to spend money on professional development is when you really don't have it in the budget. If you want to increase sales, invest in your people. We contacted Kari to do a workshop to help us learn how to generate leads for jobs, equipment, sponsors, etc. Based on our needs, she customized a presentation that would meet multiple objectives. If you want to your employees to be the best, then you need to hire the best experts. For LinkedIn, it's Kari of Jumar Services, hands down.

Trusted Audiences

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