Naked Networking®

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Naked Networking®

Today’s competitive business market demands results, and a powerful circle of influence can help you get there.  Naked Networking®, a high energy keynote that explores five networking mistakes and their solutions, challenges you to evolve while building and sustaining powerful connections.  Learn a proven 3-step networking strategy, discover best practices for leveraging LinkedIn, and explore innovative ways to “network smarter.”


  • Discover 5 networking mistakes (and solutions) to build powerful connections
  • Learn a 3-step networking strategy
  • Explore ways to overcome fear to network with confidence
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Audience Takeaways


Networking Strategy

During this presentation, you will learn a powerful 3-step strategy to apply in both traditional and social media networking to increase your success of building powerful “circles of influence” in your business.  You’ll also hear real-world examples of how this approach was applied and the outcomes that resulted.

Pushing Past Fear

Does fear hold you back from connecting to new contacts with confidence? In this presentation you’ll learn simple ways to face – then overcome – barriers to networking success. After you hear characteristics of common personas in the networking process, you’ll select which one best matches your approach to help equip you with knowledge to overcome setbacks.

How Men and Women Network Differently

Discover why a recent study with almost 30,000 employees across 118 companies revealed that women’s odds of advancement are 15% lower than men’s.  Hear comparisons and contrasting networking styles between men and women and learn 3 ways to connect with new people way outside your comfort zone.

Introverts vs Extroverts

If you’ve ever stereotyped extroverts as charismatic and introverts as aloof – think again. In this presentation, you will hear common networking myths debunked and learn how introverts can be just as comfortable networking as extroverts.

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