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Kari’s workshops are designed to help professionals network smart to increase sales, increase Influence, and achieve results – personally and professionally.

As a networking coach and business mentor with an extensive corporate background, Kari understands the challenges (and opportunities) professionals encounter daily. That’s why she customizes her workshops with specific, actionable strategies for your success. A networking and connection expert, Kari shares real-world experiences with participants and specializes in helping others increase their team’s performance by incorporating simple yet effective networking strategies.

If you’re ready to…

  • Create more professional influence and impact your business ROI
  • Get the best out of your online “digital asset” – LinkedIn
  • Accelerate your professional career development approach


…then Kari’s corporate workshops are for you!

What to Expect From Kari's Workshops

A variety of industries including finance, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality corporations and professionals have related to Kari’s engaging delivery style and practical strategies for boosting networking results.

Companies large and small around the world have hired Kari to deliver customized workshops for employees and association members.

Kari delivers customized workshop material based on the needs of the organization. The core topics often revolve around networking, career development, and leadership in the workplace. Curriculum is detailed, and participants are actively engaged through storytelling, problem-solving Q&A, and even given helpful worksheets to take home.

Upon completion, participants are equipped with an arsenal of tactics and absorb the strategic mindset needed to help further their networking and leadership skills.


What Workshop Participants Say

"One of the most informative sessions I've been to in a long time"

Shortly after attending one of Kari’s day-long networking workshops, Zac recounts what he learned, as well as how the tactics she taught were immediately able to be put into action. In addition to making “worthwhile” connections, Zac says that he’ll be able to use the things he learned in his business development role.

“It was also extra informative because all of the attendees were encouraged to speak and give advice to others.