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Top 10 Profile "Must-haves"

LinkedIn Top 10 Profile "Must-Haves"

Networking has unlimited potential but only for those willing to embrace risks, step beyond comfort zones, and explore new possibilities. In this immersive experience, participants aren’t just invited to ATTEND, they’re invited to truly EXPERIENCE a keynote that transcends traditional boundaries. Whether a seasoned LinkedIn user or a newbie on the platform, Mirabal’s bold and edgy delivery inspires participants to elevate their LinkedIn game to unprecedented heights. Drawing from 15+ years of expertise in the IT Recruiting field, Mirabal unveils secrets to building and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships.

From how to generate “profile gravity” to content posting strategies, audiences gain valuable insights for extending brand awareness and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of LinkedIn. Through proven strategies and real-world examples, this keynote coaches participants to avoid common pitfalls and pivot profiles into magnets for success. Discover how AI is reshaping business on LinkedIn and ways to foster genuine connections. Prepare to have assumptions challenged as Mirabal debunks common LinkedIn myths leaving participants on the edge of their seats eager for more. WARNING: This keynote isn’t for everyone—only those ready to seize control of their digital asset and drive successful outcomes for themselves, their teams, and their companies.


  • Discover Top 10 LinkedIn Profile “Must-Haves”
  • Explore LinkedIn Tools Designed to Increase Success
  • LinkedIn Myths Debunked (Hint: It’s not just for people looking for jobs)

Audience Takeaways


Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

If you think LinkedIn is turning into Facebook, think again.  Learn new LinkedIn tools and strategies that can help you advance your business goals.  Explore how simple revisions to your existing profile can attract more viewers to your profile and maximize your potential.

Understanding LinkedIn's Business Tools

If you’re not embracing LinkedIn as your powerful online “digital asset”, you are leaving money on the table.  Don’t miss opportunities to attract target audiences, increase sales, extend brand awareness, recruit top talent and/or explore new career opportunities.

Build & Sustain Powerful Connections

Learn LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts that can attract (or turn off) new contacts. Explore innovative ways to showcase subject matter expertise and how you can create value within your circle of influence.

Trusted Audiences

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