Career Dating

How to "date" your career and fall in love with what you do (again & again)

Career Dating: How to "date" your career and fall in love with what you do (again & again)

Are you “dating” your career?  In other words, are you curious about how to fall in love with what you do (again and again)? If you answered, “Yes,” you won’t want to miss Career Dating, a keynote based on Kari Mirabal’s TEDx Talk of the same title.  As a member of the audience, you’ll explore innovative ways to reignite passion within your career and avoid getting “stuck” in a job you hate.

Empower yourself with knowledge to shift dated mindsets including “I have to stay at a new job 3-5 years” or “I can’t apply, I don’t have the required skills to apply for my dream career”.  Learn powerful ways to brand yourself, proven network strategies and ways to manage workplace triggers inherent in today’s competitive environment.

Whether you’re interested in making the most of the career you already have, pondering ways to gain a promotion or looking for a new industry experience altogether, this fun twist on the commonalities between romantic dating and dating your career offers audiences a humorous yet insightful approach to “dating your career”.  Let’s GO … it’s time for you to learn how to be the CEO of your career.


  • Eliminate “dated mindsets” to overcome career barriers
  • Learn ways to navigate workplace triggers
  • Discover easy ways to ignite your career  using kills you already

Audience Takeaways


An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Are you ready to learn how to be the CEO of your career?  Explore knowledge from Kari Mirabal, a former IT recruiter who once helped countless professionals secure new careers. 

Dating Similarities

Explore ways dating romantically and dating your career mirror each other in this engaging and fun presentation twist.

Overcoming Career Barriers

Everyone encounters barriers on their career transition journey.  Learn ways to manage workplace triggers and embrace the benefits of an “every experience can teach me something” mindset.

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