Kari's Reviews

From The Audience

From coast to coast, and across the globe, Kari has instructed and entertained audiences of all sizes on the topics of leadership and networking. As you’ll see from the videos below, audience members that see Kari’s presentations often speak highly of her energy, gumption, courage, and business-savvy. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself:

Completely Authentic

After a women’s leadership conference, Kari is described as an “EXTREME Go-Getter” and praised for being able to share from a personal level.

“I really appreciated her ability to reach out to women, especially in the business world.”

Confidence to Take Risks

After seeing Naked Networking┬« with Kari, Matt recaps how the stories impacted him, and how he has newfound confidence to “get naked” in his networking habits.

“Really gives somebody like me a lot of confidence to take a little bit more risk and get naked.”

From The Planners

Event planners time and time again have trusted Kari to bring great, customized content to each of her presentations. No presentation is ever completely the same – each audience is different, so each presentation is customized accordingly.

In addition to customization, Kari’s team promotes each and every event with professionally designed images and video on social media leading up to (and during!) the event. So it’s not just a great speaker that you’re hiring for part of your event, it’s a huge microphone for your ENTIRE event. It’s this type of care and attention to detail that separates Kari from other speakers that are traditionally more generic and bland.

Exactly What We Were Hoping For

Kadee Duclos was pleased to see how well Kari could reach the audience at her Women Driving Leadership event. After the event there was already several great things said about the presentation, in addition to conversations about engaging Kari again.

“We’ve already received good feedback and we hope to have her back soon.”

I Thought She Was Fabulous

While sourcing speakers an upcoming event, Cat Rosenault-Fryman remembered seeing Kari speak at a previous event and how impactful she was. So much so that she suggested her fellow conference leaders to come speak again. And as Cat points out, Kari didn’t disappoint.

She made it so comfortable and so easy to approach that you don’t even realize the session is over before you absorb all she has to teach you.

Trusted Audiences

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