From The Audience

From coast to coast, and across the globe, Kari instructs and entertains audiences of all sizes on Networking, LinkedIn, and Career Development/Transition topics. As you’ll see from the videos below, audience members speak highly of her energy, gumption, courage, humor, and business-savvy approach. But don’t just take our word for it, read her LinkedIn recommendations and explore more reviews for yourself:

I Appreciate Her Authentic Approach to Networking

After speaking at a leadership conference, one audience member described Kari as an “EXTREME Go-Getter” and praised her for sharing on such a personal level. By doing so, she gave permission to others to do the same.

“I really appreciate Kari’s ability to engage with audiences.”

Confidence to Take Risks

After witnessing Kari’s NAKED Networking® keynote, Matt shared how her real-world examples and stories impacted him and how he has newfound confidence with building and sustaining powerful connections.

“Kari gives someone like me, an introvert, a confidence boost to take more calculated risks.”

Event Planner Reviews

Event planners time and time again trust Kari to deliver engaging content to their audiences. Since no audience is exactly the same, Kari customizes accordingly. In addition to providing education, entertainment, and engagement, Kari’s marketing team helps promote each event given her social currency. So you’re not just booking a great keynote speaker you’re extending your brand awareness throughout the ENTIRE event. It’s this type of care and attention that separates Kari from other speakers. Her passion comes through each presentation and audiences appreciate her authentic approach and topic knowledge.

Exactly What We Were Hoping For

Kadee Duclos was pleased to see how well Kari could reach the audience at her Women Driving Leadership event. After the event there was already several great things said about the presentation, in addition to conversations about engaging Kari again.

“We’ve already received good feedback and we hope to have her back soon.”

I Thought She Was Fabulous

While sourcing speakers an upcoming event, Cat Rosenault-Fryman remembered seeing Kari speak at a previous event and how impactful she was. So much so that she suggested her fellow conference leaders to come speak again. And as Cat points out, Kari didn’t disappoint.

She made it so comfortable and so easy to approach that you don’t even realize the session is over before you absorb all she has to teach you.

Client Spotlight

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