Written By: Kari Mirabal

3 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Successful people tend to exhibit different habits – among other things, they do a great job of avoiding procrastination.  Adopting the behaviors of your ideal self can anchor your values and help you make a firmer commitment to them.  To complete objectives you’ve set for yourself and avoid procrastination, what steps can you take?

3 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Just Do It
Overcoming procrastination means making a choice to act now vs. later. Some think they’ll be better later in time so they put something off with the idea that they will pick it up and complete the task another time.  Chances are, you risk not completing the task at all.  Make a commitment to act vs. think about acting to overcome procrastination.

See It
Keep yourself on track by envisioning the results you want to achieve.  Imagine the outcome of your actions before you begin and see the achievement unfold in your mind (as if it were already complete).  Use these visuals to motivate you to take action and avoid procrastination.

Find a Partner
Ask a co-worker, friend or family member to be your accountability partner.  Share your objective and ask someone you trust to help support your journey.  You’ll reduce your risk of procrastination knowing that you are accountable to someone else too.

I’ve been teaching people how to networking smart for 15+ years and if there’s any activity most people procrastinate on, its networking.  Building a professional network doesn’t have to be time consuming but it does require a solid plan, an ability to connect authentically, and a commitment to carve time in your schedule to grow professional relationships.  A phone call, an email, a quick visit to check-in on those you’ve invited to your circle of influence take moments in time but can make big impacts.  Don’t let procrastination creep in the next time you feel tempted to put something off.  Remember just do it, see it, and find an accountability partner to help you stay the course!


Written By: Kari Mirabal