Written By: Kari Mirabal

You Only Get 1440 – How Are You Spending Yours?

Successful people are different – among other things, they do a better job of managing their time. When most consider the best possible outcome for time management – it’s getting more stuff done with less stress.  Time is a precious resource so how can you use yours as an asset?

One of the most important things you can do is shift your mind-set about time.  Every “yes” you accept comes at a consequence of a “no” to something or someone else so be prepared.  Before you accept or decline a new task, consider the total cost.  This simple step can help you think twice before you agree to put something on your calendar.  Here are five additional time management tips to consider to maximize your productivity.

5 Time Management Tips

Use Your 1440 Wisely
Each day you have 1,440 minutes – what will you do with yours?  Recognize time as your most valuable asset and manage accordingly.  Lost time is irreplaceable so become mindful to use your time wisely.

Important Tasks First
Successful people identify then focus on top priorities first.  Select specific goals that must be accomplished then break them down into measurable steps.  Concentrate on completing all or part of your objective before you move to the next task.

Don’t Procrastinate
Procrastination hurts productivity but old habits die hard.  Next time you feel tempted to put off an activity for another time, adopt a “do it without delay” mentality.  Interrupt old habits and recognize when you are procrastinating.  Stop yourself then hold yourself accountable.

Make a List
Create a checklist of tasks.  When a task is complete, cross it off your list and take a moment to celebrate with a simple “yeah, that’s done, what’s next” mentality.  At the close of your day, review this checklist and ask yourself if you used your 1440 wisely?  If not, adapt.  Learn from it and make different choices tomorrow.

Successful people make room in their schedules for relaxation. Your brain’s capacity to process data efficiently falters throughout the day so take frequent breaks, hydrate, eat nutritious snacks and go for a quick walk outside to rejuvenate your mind and encourage greater productivity.

Share your comments and questions with others.  We want to hear from you.  What other time management tips would you recommend to make the most of your 1440?


Written By: Kari Mirabal