Written By: Kari Mirabal

7 Secrets to Managing “Intergenerational Productivity” (X-Y-Z Generations)

How do you authentically reach the Millennial generation? Today’s smart leaders know that leading an XYZ organization, cultures created on the principles of the Millennial generation to foster productivity and teamwork among multiple generations working together under one roof, can help them drive success.  If XYZ organizations have an “it” factor, what secrets can help leaders keep employees inspired and companies ahead of their competition?

When employees are challenged, engaged, and excited to produce – companies win. The XYZ Factor isn’t a place or a company or an age, it’s a new kind of culture where innovation, accessibility, and transparency are the norm. In the book, The XYZ Factor, authors Nancy Lublin and Alyssa Ruderman explain that “intergenerational productivity” can spur innovation and foster a forward-thinking, democratic corporate culture.  To inspire, engage and retain Gen XYZ employees, Lublin and Ruderman offer seven secrets for leaders.

7 Secrets to Leading “XYZ” Companies

  1. “Value Choice”
    XYZers are accustomed to and expect multiple options of everything – where, when and how they work; what their jobs entail; with whom they will work, to whom they will report, what their rewards might be; and so on.
  2. “Move Fast”
    XYZers have little patience for rigorous procedures, protocols or permissions and their attention spans are brief. The tweet exemplifies their communication style: concise, to the point and without flourishes. Their need for speed offers your business significant benefits: They adapt fast. They don’t fear change. They prize efficiency.
  3. Embrace the “Nomadic”
    XYZers change homes, romantic partners and cities often. If dissatisfied, they change employers and service providers. XYZers thrive in upheaval, quickly adapting to new situations, tools and ideas. They’ll try to change anything about your company culture they dislike.
  4. Provide “Measurable Feedback”
    XYZers won’t wait for annual performance reviews. They seek out regular, dependable responses to their work. They want to improve but they must know that someone is paying attention and sees the value in their work. Encourage your XYZ workers to be daring and reward courage. Help them understand lessons they can take away from mistakes.
  5. Be “Wired”
    XYZers are at home with multitasking. Corporate cultures should grow comfortable with what appears as too much happening at once. Tech-savvy XYZers know, love and understand technology. They comprehend and create new methods and tools in an eye blink. They won’t slow down or limit their scope.
  6. Be “Public”
    XYZers’ ideas of privacy might shock many people: They have none. They expect to live communally or with roommates. With the Uber transportation service, for example, people use their own cars to drive strangers – a different dynamic than taking a taxi. All aspects of people’s personal lives end up on social media.
  7. Emulate “Summer Camp” in Your Office
    A successful, productive XYZ workplace doesn’t feel like an office. An XYZ business base should have the atmosphere of summer camp. The floor layout should enable fun, with toys, lounge areas and game arcades. Anybody should be able to work anywhere to encourage connections among employees.

Written By: Kari Mirabal