Written By: Kari Mirabal

Leaders: Promote A Spirit of “Connectedness”

Fostering a spirit of “connectedness” – open communication among leaders and employees – is a formula for success in today’s workplace. Building internal connectedness by holding regular positive conversations with others can help your company execute strategies successfully. Disconnected employees don’t engage with each other, your leadership team or with your companies’ strategies so what steps can you take to promote a spirit of connectedness?

Leadership strategies should mean successful execution but fewer than 13% of companies execute well says Daniel F. Prosser, leadership expert and author of the book Thirteener. To become a “Thirteener” (a company that executes strategy successfully), you must change your emphasis from managing people to managing promises. Prosser offers suggestions for how to transform your company into a Thirteener company and believes that when you plug your employees into your strategy, they don’t merely share it with you; they also own it. Here are eight conversations you can have with your team to promote connectedness.

8 Ways To Promote Connectedness

Look To The Future
You can’t move into a successful future while looking in the rearview mirror. Look ahead, not back.

Hear What Others Think
Conversations are dialogues requiring careful listening, respect for others’ ideas and an open mind. Always state your point of view, and let others speak.

Embrace Your Creative Imagination
Be willing to play, reject logic and explore outlandish ideas.

Forget The Hierarchy
Recognize and reinforce the value of every employee.

Chase Away Sacred Cows
Consider whether you’re holding onto values or projects just because they are venerable or make you look good. Be open to re-evaluating your culture.

Keep Your Doors Open
Maintaining silos and withholding information are destructive. Let your employees know your thoughts and plans, and be open to theirs.

Calculate Risk
Weigh the deliberate chances you must take.

“Reject All Of The More-Better-Faster Memes”
Find that elusive middle ground between being decisive and being foolhardy.

Written By: Kari Mirabal