Naked Networking Workshop

Struggling to earn new business? Brushing up on your networking skills can be the answer.

If you’re anything like most sales professionals, you aim to crush your numbers and increase your potential. But how will you do that? If your current job includes expectations that you will build and maintain powerful relationships that enhance company revenue…this NAKED NETWORKING® workshop is for you!

Your ability to authentically connect with new and existing clients requires relationship management skills. Mastery of these skills is a must-have requirement for anyone interested in maintaining a competitive business edge. The strategies taught in this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and support to reach your sales goals. Anyone who is open to pushing past barriers and taking new risks is encouraged to register.

How you talk to your prospect, how you present yourself and how you relate to the customer are as important as the facts about your products or services.

Who Should Attend? We encourage anyone in charge of growing business to attend. This includes business development and account management professionals, as well as founders and owners of businesses of varying sizes.

Sponsored by Switchgear Search and Recruiting.



  • Top 10 profile “must-haves”
  • Maximizing tool potential
  • How to engage vs. broadcast with others
  • Brand awareness – what you can do to help your company succeed
  • Showcase your experience – earn new followers
  • Don’t be a slimy salesperson – Do’s and Don’ts on the tool

Professional Sales Development

  • Importance of knowing your professional strengths
  • Building credibility and rapport with clients
  • Strategies for consultative approaches in your sales process
  • Resolving objections confidently (embrace failure & rejection)
  • Critical ingredients necessary for sales to POP
  • Managing triggers along the sales process
  • What’s next – career development strategies

Networking or Not Working

  • Explore networking tactics to make authentic connections
  • Stalking techniques and other tricks from a backdoor recruiter’s experience
  • Learn a 3-step strategy to engage new and existing clients
  • Make $ Save $
  • It’s all about the customer experience