Written By: Kari Mirabal

Leaders: Leverage Insights from Neuroscience & Positive Psychology

Did you know the human brain is naturally wired to resist change?  Some leadership experts even contribute the human brain’s resistance to change as one cause for organizational failure.  Breakthroughs in neuroscience are revealing more about what motivates people and how leaders can leverage emotional intelligence for better decision making.  If leaders harness insights from neuroscience to broaden the meaning of work, how can this information help shift workplace mindsets?

When leaders shift from an “I lead – you follow” approach to managing others to a spirit of collaboration, they have the potential to begin removing the fear of change that can sometimes block growth and prevent breakthroughs.  Leaders who leverage flexibility, positivity and understanding often prevent demotivation in the workplace because they are open to discussing change and inclusively to prevent fear and disruption.

Neuroplasticity helps the brain form the new connections people require to manage challenging situations, but it works best amid “mindful” calmness says Eileen Rogers and Nick van Dam, authors of the book You! The Positive Force In Change.  A negative state of mind is contagious and breeds inflexibility, but positivity can help leaders and their employees manage change.  Rogers and van Dam encourage leaders who want to improve their understanding of well-being to explore new forms of science and statistical analysis, such as Gallup’s Top 10 Well-Being Discoveries of 2015 or other resources available.

Focusing on positive change and collaboration can be inspiring while also helping you reach your desired business results.  How will take into consideration and apply neuroscience to support your leadership intention in 2016?

Written By: Kari Mirabal