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Kari’s job is to educate, entertain, and engage your audience. She understands that both the speaker and the meeting or event planner are partners in delivering a unique and amazing experience for the audience. The speaker resources page was developed to assist you in planning a successful event and to be as prepared as possible.

Kari’s Keynotes Are Perfect For

Honestly, networking and leadership are so important to everyone it’s difficult to find an audience that she can’t positively impact. That said, some of the more popular crowds that Kari speaks to include:

  • CEO,s Executives, top Leaders
  • Sales professionals
  • Recruiting teams
  • Career development events
  • College students
  • Audiences afraid or ill-prepared for networking

Audio | Video Requirements

These A/V requirements are in place to ensure Kari delivers her information to your audience in a helpful and streamlined way. This way, you look great as a planner! Kari prefers to use her own laptop and clicker for all keynotes and masterclasses.  She will look to you to ensure the below requirements are secured for each booking:

  • HDMI or VGA hookup | adapters
  • Wireless clip-on or handheld microphone
  • Wifi for audience participation during polling portions of keynote
  • Large screen for projection | projector
  • Table for books and promotional gear sales (when applicable)

Bio and Sample

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Trusted Audiences

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